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Myspace "Top 8" Takeover!!

I hate Myspace and the obsessive profile checking that it induces, so I've tried to stay as far away from it as I can, and I've been adamantly profile-less for a very long time........... But after Myspace implemented their "Top 8" system, where you get to rank your top 8 friends (from 1-8) to be displayed at the very front of your profile, super VIP style, I got really jealous that I wasn't in Jamie's Top 8 because I wasn't on Myspace :-(. So I decided to be a jerk and make 8 "fake" profiles so that I could take over her entire Top 8! It was a slow process as I made one profile after the other in my free time, and she had to weed out friends one by one until it was only me that remained! So check out her profile to see all 8 of them (in her friends list, on the right side.) There's Joey, Tom, Tom, Jeff, Tom, Ben, Jack and Tom.

I didn't create any of the pictures or sounds on the profiles, I just threw them together, and hotlinked to them. I snuck in some simple CSS code to plop the pictures on there and to white out the real profile. Eventually I will post how to do this because it is very very easy to do and should be done more often!!

BTW, very soon I think I'm going to have a new blog which will be much more exciting and less "yippity yap" than this one...

EDIT: Also check out the Myspace hacking tutorial to see how you can screw with your own profile!

those profiles are totally awesome! can't wait to see the code deets. mymyspace is pretty lame... myspace is my new favorite gif museum!
how can i add those profiles to my friends??
how can i add those profiles to my friends?
I think there's some sneaky way to find it if you look in the source code, or you can leave your name/myspace url and i'll go looking for you
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