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Myspace Intro video playlist

Searching for something else on YouTube, I ran into a billion 'Myspace intro videos' - people videotaping themselves addressing visitors to their page. It's really quite odd to see them separated from Myspace (they're on YouTube only so they can put them on their profiles, but you can still find them through searching.) I collected them into a playlist (or just use the controls above.) You'll get the idea from the first couple of videos.

I really don't want to make fun of these people, and there's really nothing shocking about them, they're incredibly normal people... But in some of them I sense this sort of awkwardness (?) that they have dealing with the Internet. These are very un-nerdy people making their own webpages, telling you to leave "picture comments," and pointing in the direction of where the "send message" button is on the page... I'm still trying to figure out what's going on here. Anyway, the videos are fun!

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