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New music video with some default slideshow stylings... (are nerds bohemians?)
(the rest of my music vids..)

Wow man. That is simultaneously very pleasant and kind of upsetting. What is the origin of the sound?
ah good, thats what i was going for..the sound is music ive been making in mac's built in garageband (like my other music vids), just using the computer keyboard as keyboard
i think ill probably post all the original image files somewhere, for once im actually unhappy with 320x240!
you should do a version with the ken burn's effect. i've been wanting to start a band called "the ken burns effect"
yeah i tried it with ken burns but it wasnt quite right. but i LOVE ken burns effect!!, definitely needs to be a band. the ken burns experience..
I have been talking about this piece to people all over the place and I really cant figure out why it keeps overtaking my conscious mind...we are talking about guns and roses and bam, domain, or henckels knives, and bam, domain...i love this piece....
lol thanks...guns n roses??!
Too late. Stars Like Fleas (the band in which Monkeytown's Montgomery sings) is coming out with an album called the Ken Burns Effect... The tracks are v.nice.

PS my spambot word is "higmad."
Is that a videogame?
yes, but its an insanely minimal and un-fun video game made for a psychological experiment
Very Good! Thanks
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