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First steps!

Parents love to post pictures, movies and information about their children on the Internet. To show them off and so on, I suppose. I swear that half of all personal homepages on the web are devoted to babies. That's why it's so freaking easy to find a ton of babies' first steps floating around... And I've picked my 17 favorites! They are as annoying as they are beautiful. The audio is especially cutesy and grotesque (thankful for you, I was having trouble extracting the sound out of a couple of the more annoying ones!!) Also, I've noticed three odd trends:
  1. Parents using objects to lure their babies into walking (even taking objects away from babies!)
  2. The endless loop!!: baby going back and forth between Mom and Dad sitting together on the floor
  3. Parents apparently take a lot of pleasure in their babies falling down over and over again.

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