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$$$ for lost website! [found]

Sometime last week I discovered that this super cool website which had featured tons of scans of blank audio tapes had totally vanished. Deleted websites are heart breaking to me. I'd guess it's due to bandwidth problems, but perhaps it's something else? The site had become super popular on del.icio.us and elsewhere.

Perhaps I got a little carried away, but I've posted an ad on Ebay offering money for a copy of the website (preferably in mint condition.) And it's not a joke, I really want a copy of this website... I'm like some obsessed record collector, I need the real deal!!

In the mean time I've made a recreation of the site using Google's cache. Please contact me if you have any part of the original site, or any information about it. Thnx.

EDIT: Marisa had all the images!! They are alive + well...

ANOTHER EDIT: WOWWWW...I got TWO replies on eBay for it!!! (1, 2) (So, 3 total if you count Marisa)...I paid one person $12 for it (even though Marisa had already sent the images to me!), just so that I could tell people that I bought the website off eBay, haha...

LAST EDIT: Man I feel dumb, the site was online in another location all along... at least I'm the first one to link to it on del.icio.us, that's kinda cool.....heh

Guthrie, you are going to DIE!!!!!!! I have jpegs of EVERY cassette from this site. There are approximately 593. The site was called Cassette Jam 05 and I had been thinking of making an animated gif or video with all of the cassettes, to be called Cassette Jam 06, so a few weeks ago I downloaded all of them. I can send them to you!
ps i looked at my delicious posting of it (to which i just added your url) and noticed that it had been bookmarked by 598 others... i wonder if it was some big conspiracy to take the site down as soon as the number of bookmarks equalled the number of cassettes...... freaky!!!!!
WTF, are you serious?? looks like you got it right before it went under...sweet!!! and the # thing is bizzarre
ill still pay you for that stuff!!
nah, let's trade something. how would you like them? i squished them into a 15.6M gif, which you could unpack... or else there are many options.
oh, snap! :)))))))))))
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