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3 new music videos

Dogwanger jam by Mystical Ointment

Aquarium groove

Kids loop

I've started making music videos for my own music, which sounds like a sort of silly thing to devote energy to (is it?..are music videos still commercials even if it's your own tunes?..and they're too damn easy to make.) I've tried to make super simple videos using Mac's built-in iMovie program. Like really simple, very slow and boring. I have a budding interest in boring things, mundane things, slow things.

The slow zoom-ins of Skyscrapers shot from ground level in the Dogwanger video I find hillarious -- they're an automated default slideshow effect -- and the buildings just look so dumb to me, though they're trying so hard to impress me and intimidate me. The music is like Blade Runner meets Muzak but played really crapilly (all these songs are recorded using computer keyboard instead of music keyboard as live input..it's fun, haha.) I think the kids go well with the skyscrapers, but I can't figure out if they make the video subtly optimistic or completely depressing. The other two songs are new and don't have Myspace band profiles yet. I made the music and video simultaneously (moving back and forth between audio and visual) for both of these.

Paralleling my budding obsession with boringness is a blossoming (?!) obsession with loops, which is becoming really apparent in the music. Long stretches of music, unchanging, no climax, no intro or conclusion. Maybe I absorbed this from YTMND? heh.

Wow, these are really fantastic! The first one reminded me a bit of this: http://iamthatiam.org/videos/sun_city/0_08_05_2005.mov (another amazing vid).
thanks.. whoa youre totally right about the skyscrapers, i musta been doing a little bit of subconcious sampling. i totally remember seeing that video on your del.icio.us, its great!
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