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Halt, robot!

[note: definitely won't look right in rss readers!!]

I freaking love these robot stopper guys, they're like the special task you must complete before you get free stuff! I started collecting them a while back, and I'm still trying to think of neat stuff to do with them... This is a gradient of ones from Myspace.

BTW, I currently have 18 myspace profiles (and matching Hotmail adresses)!!! It is becoming quite a pain to check all of them...

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That's amazing. It looks even better on the actual page (instead of my RSS reader).
whoa thanks paul!
yeah i gotta get on the rss train...im still on the "obsessive url checking" train
(and qotile.net is definitely on that train)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gee guthrie, thanks for keeping me up to date :[
Good ideas don't last long! Look at number 3. Or is that you?
thats beautiful
they're called captchas!!!
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