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New Trinkets (V + VI) !

I finished two new Trinkets chapters, V and VI, check them out if you get a chance... V is the original Trinkets page from before my website ever went up, when I was super excited about LARPing, etc. VI has got a maddening slowed down Whitney Houston MIDI ("Waiting to Exhale" -> "Waiting to exhale... FOREVER!!"). I just turned the tempo way down on it, and copy/pasted different measures at random until it became about 20 minutes long: so it's pretty much slowest MIDI jam ever.. I think I enjoy listening to it but I might actually be hypnotized. VI is basically scenes from my upcoming instructional video about gradients, loops and filetypes (sort of!)

Also for RSS people I finally made an RSS feed for Trinkets, here. This might be a bad idea, I'm not sure... a lot of Trinkets posts might not jive with RSS readers, and I'll be crossposting here and there sporadically.

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