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Found my GIFs from 7th grade!

Back in 1997, I was 13 and constantly hanging out on IRC with my buddies on channel #digitalplayground, always sending around GIF animations and other really horrible junk to everyone... LOL. I'd made a series of 7 crude black and white animations of stickmen getting maimed (see GIF above!), which I thought were pretty hilarious at the time. I just found these on an old hard drive (inspired by recent contact from #dp buddy foobaz .. BTW, my handle was "hello3k")

I'll spare you episodes 2-7... wellll, OK, here's #3. Man, IRC was a blast, need to get back on there...

awesome! except i can't believe you were in 7th grade in 1997!!! :)
yeah, the glory days!...easy remember coz the #'s of years / grades match up
yes, you do, we miss you hello3k. irc.freenode.net.
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