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More music vids & disk alchemy

Some new music videos: Kids *updated*, the triangle (jam #1) by Mystical Ointment, office party
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Still making those stretched out music videos, no MTV cuts, just junk together. I'm excited that I finally got a chance to put in some material I've been dying to use, in particular this Iowa middle school dance where the kids are all hopping in unison, and this isolated Triangle graphic from an instructional video that's sort of boringly spooky or something.

Installed these 5 music videos (looping on a TV as part of a class show at school) alongside a new thing I've been fooling around with, these disks cut out of aluminum foil and packed in folded lined paper cases. Props to Marco Melanson, because I pretty much took the idea from him (though only subconsciously at first) -- he made some awesome paper records, and a LEGO player for them. There used to be pictures of the records on his Myspace. A while ago I asked him if I could buy one but they weren't for sale, doh.

BTW, I don't think the videos worked as well in reality as they do on the Internet. Still trying to figure this out.

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