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New Myspace profiles


I made a new Myspace profile for Concept Trucking (my 20th including band profiles!!!) involving the cute 3d laptop above ascending infinitely up to laptop heaven :*). The bricks go so fast they make me sick! Please go look at it (original sound effects.) I realized from my recent trip to New York that I don't see bricks in Los Angeles as much as East coasters do, so using all these brick patterns like I often do is sort of, uh, detatched from reality, or something?

I just remembered that I haven't formally mentioned this grusome profile or even this one (...do you remember those Walmart commercials with the whistling 3d smiley face flying around dropping all the prices?)

Finally, Last supper w/ soundtrack has found a better home on YTMND (1.57 out of 5 rating, woot)

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