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Surfing the Internet in public 2


This Wednesday, June 7th, I am surfing the web in public again, and this time I'm getting a little technical... showing my favorite GIFs and MIDIs! Also there will be brief tutorials on how these work. Generally I'll be talking about files as culture, specifically the evolution of music from physical CDs into overly-free and formless MP3s & why that really sucks (iTunes, etc.) I'm hoping the GIFs and MIDIs, especially in the context of Geocities/Myspace pages, will help us think critically about files/MP3s as formats, and how limitations can be really good things! I'll be world premiering some new original GIF & MIDI work, and maybe some other stuff.

ALSO, my roommate Mike is doing an artist's lecture as a vampire, and my friend Daniel will be performing some music. (Both of them will be mind blowing, they're both insanely talented.)

Wednesday, June 7, 5pm - 7pm
Kinross South, room #133 (UCLA Arts building)
11000 Kinross Ave, Los Angeles, CA

(Refreshments, yes)

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