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Oh boy am I excited to tell you about this!!: Nasty Nets internet surfing club! What's a surfing club? It's a hangout for my favorite surfers (and I), an extension of the collecting that's already been going on, on del.icio.us and elsewhere. Right now it's mostly a blog, but the idea is that it expands into more of a community -- preservation, creation, criticism.. I like putting stuff there because it's more like two-way sharing, and there's more of an impulse for discussion (blog comments take on a different nature.) So come check it out...

Surf club members (truly professional surfers): Travis Hallenbeck, Joel Holmberg, Marisa Olson, Michael Bell-Smith, Tom Moody, Brian Blomerth, John Michael Boling, Peter Baldes, Paul Slocum, and me

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