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Hacking vrs. defaults

Hacking Defaults
Hacking a Nintendo cartridge to make images Using MS Paint to make images
12 point Times New Roman
Net.Art 1.0 ???


"The Man is taking away our privacy... that's lame!" "We willingly give up our own privacy (i.e. endlessly talking about ourselves on our Myspace profiles)... why?"
Empowering The People by subverting The Man's power Being and critiquing The People by using the tools made by The Man
Rock & Roll attitude Exuberant humility
Jodi's blogs Tom Moody's blog
Sophisticated breaking of technology Semi-naive, regular use of technology

(see also this comment thread on Tom Moody's blog)

Years later I was teaching guitar to a seemingly endless supply of Beavis and Buttheads when one student brought in a Kiss cassette, wanting to learn a tune. It struck me that I still hadn’t heard them and was a bit excited to finally hear the obvious mayhem awaiting...

Years earlier: I had been listening to AMM for quite a while before I saw them, and was imagining, frankly, some wild looking folks.
i still dig this lol
loll XD


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