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Total Artwork-related expenses & income for 2006 (not bad)

Domain name registration -9.00
Web hosting -36.00
CD-Rs given away at lecture -15.00
Poster printed for lecture -20.00
Honorarium +50.00
Paper for collages -10.00
Banner ads (Google AdSense) +2.40
TOTAL -$37.60

do you have a paypal account that I can send donations to?
hahah lol, nope... but now that you mention it... ;)

& woops, i guess i was trying boast that I only spent $14 on art, whereas my painter friends need $ for a studio and materials, or new media peeps need $ for installations. (& not that spending $ is evil, just thinking about how strange the net art world is...)
just added my google adsense earnings for 2006 hahah
Ten bucks of web hosting for the whole of 2006!

man how come I pay so much more ?!
wow, thanks for calling me out, i was being a bit spacey coz mine is indeed $36!!! (updated the post, not quite as low a total anymore but, oh well)...
You are a model for us all.
Crap--that was me.
--tom moody
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